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Leisure And Tourism Coursework

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1 GCSE Leisure & Tourism 60% Coursework 40% Examination

2 Unit One The Nature of the Leisure & Tourism Industry. Students will understand the components of the leisure and tourism industry. They will look at examples of the products and services, the range of jobs, duties and responsibilities.

3 Key Components of the Leisure Industry Leisure Industry Sport & Recreation Art & Entertainment Countryside Recreation Hame-based Leisure Play and Activities

4 Key Components of the Tourism Industry Tourism Industry Travel AgentsTour Operators Tourist Information On-line Travel Services AccommodationTransportation

5 Visitor Attractions Natural Attractions Built Attractions Heritage Attractions UK and International

6 Leisure Activities Leisure ReadingSportCinema Walking TVMusicEating Out Computer Games Social Networking Attractions

7 Where Leisure Take Place Where Gyms and Health Centres LibrariesDVD Rental Cinema & Theatre Pubs, Restaurants Community Centres Museums & Art Galleries Sports Venues Theme Parks Adventure Playgrounds Country Parks Games ShopsCraft Shops

8 Holiday Types Package Independent Domestic Inbound Outbound Short Haul Long Haul Special Interest Short Breaks

9 Leisure Jobs Leisure Centre Assistant Fitness Instructor Lifeguards Park Rangers Cinema Staff

10 Tourism Jobs Travel Clerk Coach Driver Air Cabin Crew Tourism Call Centre Resort Rep TIC Guides

11 Functional Areas of Leisure & Tourism Leisure & Tourism Human Resources Information Technology Finance Sales & Marketing Administration

12 Aims & Objectives Survival Profit Growth To Provide a Service

13 Sales & Marketing The Marketing Mix –Products –Prices –Place –Promotion Butlers Model

14 Why People use leisure Facilities Fitness Relaxation Entertainment Spiritual Wellbeing Challenge Social Opportunities Health

15 Why People Travel Holidays Sightseeing Visiting Tourist Attractions VFR Business Education

16 Methods of Travel Air Rail Sea Road

17 Factors that affect L & T Factors:- Costs & Fares Convenience Availability Frequency Accessibility Special Offers Suitable Timetables Routes Considerations:- Health, disease and precautions Security

18 Tourist Destinations DestinationsSeasideCountryside Towns & Cities Business Destinations Built Attractions Culture & Historical

19 IMPACTS Impacts on communities Impact on environments Ecotourism Sustainable development UK and world wide destinations

This is an extract of the full specification, which you can download from this page.

All candidates study this unit. This unit is a controlled assessment unit. (See section 3.5 for further guidance on controlled assessment.) Candidates complete one investigation task chosen from a menu of three provided by AQA. The menu will be reviewed every two years.

Candidates will learn about:

  • why people use leisure and tourism facilities
  • different types of leisure and tourism organisations and facilities
  • the UK's rapidly changing leisure and tourism industry
  • leisure and tourism organisations as businesses
  • the range of employment opportunities in the leisure and tourism industry.

Candidates need to be able to explain what leisure is. Leisure activities that candidates need to learn about are:

  • taking part in and watching sport
  • visiting entertainment facilities such as theatres and cinemas
  • taking part in physical recreation, for example by going to the gym or horse-riding
  • eating out and socialising, for example in cafes, bars and clubs
  • visiting attractions like museums and historic sites
  • home-based activities such as reading for pleasure, computer gaming, listening to music, using the internet and gardening
  • taking part in special interest activities such as bird watching or angling.

Candidates also need to be able to explain what tourism is. Candidates need to be able to explain the main reasons for tourism which are:

  • leisure (such as to visit an attraction which isn't local or to go on holiday)
  • business (such as to attend a meeting or conference)
  • to visit friends and relatives (VFR).

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