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Restaurant Operations Management Case Study

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The Impact of Effective Scheduling in the Workplace

What is employee-scheduling software? Employee scheduling software eases the pain of making and maintaining a schedule for your team. Good time tracking software is a wonderful investment in your business and your employees.

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Integrating Self-Ordering into Restaurant Operations

Self-Ordering kiosks offer benefits at multiple levels of the restaurant’s operations; beyond organic order size growth and increased efficiency, today’s customers have come to rely on a consistent experience, accurate ordering, personalized levels of social engagement and convenience.

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Guide to Enhancing Your Restaurant

Owners and operators of foodservice businesses are facing mounting pressure in today’s marketplace. Increasing competition, evolving consumer needs,and growing overhead costs are challenging restaurateurs to find new ways to stay ahead of the curve without sacrificing margins. Is it possible?

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Craft Toppings Burger Recipe Booklet

The chef team at Custom Culinary® has created a brand new collection of recipes featuring Custom Culinary® Craft Toppings, so that you can easily bring exciting flavor to dishes across all dayparts.

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Gravies +1 Recipe Tool

Beyond traditional menu applications, our gravies can be used as ingredients in signature items. Look inside for easy, on-trend ways you can customize gravies to create exciting menu items.

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Tips for Digital Menu Boards

An investment in digital menu boards can pay big dividends for restaurant operators. It’s important to maximize the benefits of those menu boards with effective content design.

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Franchising Info

Noble Roman's CP&P is deliciously modern and fun with an air of nostalgia and a fresh flare for family enjoyment. Learn why our newly designed, premier locations in Whitestown and Westfield, IN are setting new records.

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In the food industry, it is important for an organization to leverage their customer's satisfaction and this can be achieved through superior customer service. The goals of this study were to investigate the causes and problems faced by the selected restaurant and to provide suggestions on how to improve the slow customer service based on the numerous domains of operations management. A local restaurant in Kuching (Malaysia) was selected for the case study. Slow customer service has been identified as the main problem. The causes of this problem were identified and classified into four categories which involved people, environment, equipment/materials and method/procedure. This study also offered ways to improve its operational performance and overcome the problem of poor service operations. The alternatives offered include (1) Quality Function Development which helped in determining what will satisfy the customers and where to put the quality effort, (2) Total Quality Management (TQM), (3) process focus which uses service blueprint to strengthen the interaction between customers and the restaurant, (4) layout, (5) human resource management, (6) practice of good supply chain management, and (7) maintenance to get the most benefits and trouble-free services out of the restaurant equipment by performing regular maintenance. This paper hopes to provide relevant insights for service quality and customer satisfaction improvement for restaurant service operations.

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