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Assumption And Hypothesis In Research Paper

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Hypothesis vs Assumption

Hypothesis and assumption are concepts that are similar in nature and are used commonly in research and experiments. A hypothesis is a theory that seeks to explain a phenomenon or a set of phenomena. Scientists or researchers make up hypothesis to see if they hold water. They conduct a number of experiments and test this hypothesis, and if the hypothesis indeed proves correct, it is deemed to have become a theory. There is another word called assumption that is similar in meaning and confuses readers. This article attempts to highlight the differences between hypothesis and assumption.

What is Hypothesis?

Something that has yet not been proved to classify as a theory but believed to be true by the researcher is labeled as a hypothesis. A hypothesis is merely a proposition that is presented or put forward by a scientist to explain a natural phenomenon. It does not become a theory until it is proved and tested under different conditions and circumstances. At best, it is an assumption that has been made working.

It is rather correct to call a hypothesis a theory that needs verification and investigation. Any statement that is put forward for the sake of argument to support an occurrence or phenomenon is called a hypothesis.

What is Assumption?

Making assumptions on the basis of looks and appearance of a person is common. We take for granted the qualities in a person on the basis of his skin color, hair color, and physique. We take for granted qualities that are mere assumption and no more.

An assumption is any statement that is believed to be true. Many times, people pay dearly when they jump to conclusions based upon their assumptions. Thinking about the feelings of others is merely assumption as there is no way to tell what a person is thinking or feeling.

What is the difference between a Hypothesis and Assumption?

• Hypothesis is an argument put forward to explain a phenomenon or sets of phenomena

• Hypothesis is not a theory until it has been proved and verified under different circumstances

• Anything taken for granted is an assumption, and a hypothesis is at best a working assumption

• Hypothesis is a theory in waiting as it can be called theory only after verification

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