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6.07 Disillusionment Assignment Satisfaction

06.07 AssignmentExplain how events such as the Vietnam War and Watergate affected the American public’s opinion of the U.S. government.You must complete all three parts of the assignment.Part 1:How did Americans feel about the government during the Vietnam War and Watergate?Part 2:○What search engine did you use?Google○What words did you type into the search engine to get your results?“how did watergate affect american public opinion” “how did the vietnam war affect american public opinion”○What sources did you choose? Provide the web address and title of each source.http://www.cnn.com/2014/07/07/opinion/zelizer-watergate-politics/Title: Distrustful Americans still live in age of Watergatehttp://ropercenter.cornell.edu/the-american-publics-attitudes-about-nixon-post-watergate/Title: The American Public’s Attitudes about Richard Nixon Post-Watergatehttp://www.cnn.com/2015/06/24/opinions/deleon-vietnam-war-effects/Title: 5 ways Vietnam War changed Americahttp://www.c-span.org/video/?191591-3/vietnam-presidency-media-public-opinion

Andersen Wang 16 March 2016 11-B: Unit FOUR Lab Ques±ons Dropbox Mr. Ochwat 11-B: Unit FOUR Lab Ques±ons Dropbox Malcolm Gladwell on Spaghe² Sauce 1. I agreed with Gladwell because personally thinks that food makes me happy, because you don’t know what you really want to eat un±l you actually eat them, like he said “The mind knows not what the tongue wants” but that’s why when I try new food they surprised me every ±me I eat them. 2. it’s not the Pepsi, it’s “the Pepsis”, he kept on telling others that they are wrong about how they change their food product. 3. He’s solu±on change food product like spaghe² sauce, and what was the majority product that makes people actually enjoy the sauce. There’s people who likes the sauce on chips plane, there’s people who likes the sauce spicy, and there’s people who likes the sauce extra chunky. 4. By doing research, so that the restaurant can ³nd out what is the most popular food the guest like, and what are things that need to be improved.

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