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Music Appreciation Concert Essays

Music Appreciation Concert Review

On Monday, November 12, at seven thirty, I attended the Chamber Brass Ensembles Concert at Sebits Auditorium which is located on Friends University's campus. Sebits Auditorium was pretty small. But it did have a really cool layout and what I mean by that is it would look so cool doing plays and what not in because of the stairs and balcony's it has on stage. The audience was older and very casual dressed. They had jeans and a sweater on. Throughout the performance everyone was very quiet. The performers wore all black and looked very professional. The behavior of the performer's was very unusual.

The composition I liked best was Home on the Range. The reason I liked that one so much was because I had heard it before and so listening to them play it was so much fun cause you could almost sing with them. This song had a very memorable rhythm. It played in my head the whole way home. The dynamics of this song were up and down from beginning to end. The tone color of the song evoked images of being on a range in my head. I could really feel what the song was saying. Just writing this paper I can hear the quintet playing. The pitch of the song wasn't too loud and wasn't too soft. Overall, I would rate this song with a four on a five scale.

Overall, the songs that were played were fantastic. I'm not a professional music critic, but that was a great performance. All of the songs had very low pitches, mainly because they are all brass instruments. Listening to the two different groups, it's easy to tell the difference from the tuba quartet to the brass quintet. The members of the brass quintet had a wider range than the tuba quartet. It was easier to follow the rhythm and understand the songs of the brass quintet mainly because I think tubas are just big and loud. The tuba quartet had a very fast style of playing but their songs had a very happy mood to them.

I think this group did a very awesome job. It was really neat when they teacher set in the back by me and encouraged them so much. They were really good at getting into the songs and moving their body to make the music come out of them. They were very professional. It was really funny they had just got done playing a song and the only girl that was in the group her cord on the French horn had broke so the teacher had to go get her a new one. So while we were all waiting they went around and talked about their majors, where they were from, and what they planned on doing after college. It was really cool to see where they were all from and how they were going to use music in life even after they graduated college and had to open doors to the real world.

I liked the music of the brass quintet a lot better than the tuba quartet. During the brass performance you could follow along with the songs a lot easier and know exactly what part they were at. I didn't really


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