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Term Paper On Health Economics

23 Strong Topic Suggestions For A Research Paper On Health Economics

The health condition of a nation affects its economy, so it’s no wonder that this issue is constantly in the focus of attention of both students and professors. A list of health economics research paper topics should help you start your study off.

Worthy Research Paper Topics Related to Health Economics

  1. Estimate the health care costs of obesity.
  2. What is the correlation between health care expenditures and GDP in the USA?
  3. About chronic diseases and how they affect labor force.
  4. What are the most cost-effective preventative health measures?
  5. How can the ban on tobacco advertising improve the economy?
  6. How does alcohol misuse rob us millions of dollars and lives?
  7. Does unhealthy nation mean poor nation?
  8. An overview of the main issues related to mental health economics.
  9. How are the notions of health and economics interrelated?
  10. What reforms in the health care sector are necessary to restore the economy?
  11. What should state institutions do to promote a healthy lifestyle?
  12. On the importance of health insurance.
  13. Are mandatory vaccinations economically justified?
  14. On the impact of health insurance programs for children.
  15. Is free health care economically justified?
  16. How do Medicaid expansions change labor supply?
  17. Do we need higher alcohol and tobacco prices to boost the economy?
  18. On the costs of treating cardiovascular diseases and methods to reduce these costs.
  19. On the effect of cheap stores on childhood obesity.
  20. How do governments manipulate health care cost data?
  21. Is health care a necessity or extravagance?
  22. Life expectancy and health care expenditures.
  23. What is the annual cost of diabetes mellitus in the USA?

What Are the Best Health Research Paper Topics for College Students?

You may choose one of the suggestions mentioned above or generate the topic yourself. The best topic would be the one that is interesting for you and which you will be able to conduct an effective research on. Your topic should also be relevant to the course, so you may need to consult your teacher on this issue.

Look at how other students title their health economics studies. Thus you may get the idea of what you would like to write about yourself. Stay away from outright copying other people’s works, though. A college research paper is where you have to express your own views, and your teacher will be able to recognize whether you have written the work yourself or not. Keep in mind that plagiarism is a serious issue that is severely penalized today in many educational institutions.

The Jacqui Lambie Network plan is short on detail and unlikely to improve the health system or outcomes for Tasmanians over the longer term.

Public hospitals in Australia are owned and operated by state (and territory) governments. So why does the Commonwealth government attract blame for lack of hospital funding?

We are paying more for our health insurance because we are using it more. No crude, short-term measures to restrict premium growth will deal with this fact.

One in four patients who stays overnight in hospital endures a complication.

The reality of how the so-called penalties will work won’t match the rhetoric.

We have lots of data about hospital safety, but it's not used to make us safer or more comfortable when we're admitted.

The benefits of a sugar tax go beyond mere health savings when obesity rates drop. Our new research predicts wider economic benefits due to more, healthier people in work.

After-hours home medical services cost the taxpayer dearly and don't reduce emergency department visits, according to new research.

While we must put in place effective measures to protect against the malicious use of personal data, not using the information collected about Australians comes at a cost.

Leaked documents of a secret 'taskforce' to reform public hospital funding reveal some controversial proposals. So how are hospitals funded and why might this need changing?

The fund is nothing more than a rebadging exercise in the hope people might think it is a new policy. And it's being used to airbrush public hospitals out of the Medicare picture.

Providing health care to the bush not only benefits people's health but the local economy.

Australia is spending more than A$500 million a year too much for pharmaceuticals because of a little known loophole that allows drug companies to overcharge the government.

The latest Productivity Commission health report reveals some serious problems with out-of-pocket health expenses as well as disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous health.

Academics are trained to answer important questions about health policy, and collaborating with industry on research can have a big impact.

Nursing home providers looking to cut costs are bypassing registered nurses and employing less-skilled personal care attendants (PCAs) who aren't trained for the job.

For real reform to Medicare’s fee-for-service payments model, we need to look for more innovative solutions to how we pay for health care. These can be found in an unlikely place: the United States.

People ending up in hospital for diabetes, tooth decay, or other conditions that should be treatable or manageable out of hospital is a warning sign of system failure.

The government must do more to deliver a 21st-century health system – not just to improve its standing with voters but to meet the health needs of all Australians.

The ageing population is only a relatively small contributor to the growth in hospital admissions.

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